Birgitte Kriek

Drawings and paintings


The black and white abstract, straight, geometric works are based on what emerges on the street on geometric shapes and lines. The starting point of a work can be a photo or sketches of a detail of a building, lines or signs on trucks, a wallpainting or sign boards: signs in the street.

The world of design, architecture, advertisement and fashion in newspapers or magazines is also a source of inspiration. Sometimes the material has a direct link with my work because of the lines and geometric forms, sometimes the black/white/grey tones only in a photo are interesting. Collages with black/white and transparent paper are also a starting point for drawings and paintings.

The drawings and paintings are stripped of superfluity and color. Important is the search for simplicity in shape, line and material and for change and distortion of a sign or line. Simplicity also means merely use of black, white and sometimes grey. Form and residual form are equally important. Straightness is essential. Straightness and smoothness carried out in black acrylic and high gloss paint on mdf panels, paper or canvas on the one hand, straightness and structure in oilpastel/ oil stick or charcoal on paper on the other hand.

An important aspect in my work is flatness. The work is not about creating space but sometimes space is suggested, through a slightly different placement of a surface. There is both logic in the form of measurement and calculation and illogism due to irregularities and the suggestion of coincidence. Both aspects are equally important.

The aim is to create a tension that arises through form and residual form, black and white, logic and coincidence, the attraction of white and what might be behind the black.

2019 by T. Kriek | NL